dance2degrees is an international moment of dance designed to bring awareness to the existential issue of climate change, and to give global citizens ideas for action. Dancers in New York City disrupt business as usual in well-traveled spaces this Earth Day, April 22, 2019. Surprising and delighting passers-by, sharing globally on social media, dance2degrees directs viewers to a clearing house of information about what YOU can do to combat climate change. Climate justice is social justice. 

Our plan is to organize dance2degrees internationally on every Earth Day until the issue of climate change is addressed proactively worldwide. 2 Degrees Celsius: the crucial tipping point for climate change


Join Us on > Earth Day April 22, 2019

 If you would like to participate 



dance2degrees creative team: Dr. Suki John, Kim Meijer, Laurita John, and Adam Fung (Arctic photos). Dancer: Ciera Rice